Being Me – Transgender 101 (Aug)

Last Wednesday night YK had it’s first ever education session called “Being Me” – Transgender 101. At about 6:30pm we kicked off with a brief networking/ meeting new friends session whilst enjoying yummy hot pizza. 

After our tummies were fed the session started off with brief introduction of YK and agenda for the night. Michelle from Transgender Victoria (TGV) was the first to present to share her story and educate us on transgender terms, explanation of the gender unicorn diagram, overcoming obstacles and how to treat transgender people. (I personally learnt a lot from this and found it very interesting !!!)

Following Michelle’s presentation we got to hear lived experiences from our other guest speakers and panel discussion with Anastacia, Dawn, Jaimie and Michelle of course. Audience were able to start sending questions to the host (Irene) via their smart phone through Sli ( and have their burning questions answered by our friendly guest speakers.

Overall, this event had a great turnout of approximately 32 people and although it was mainly YKrs (woohoo) that made up majority of the audience; it was also great to see and meet new friends (non YKrs) including a teacher, writer, transgender therapist and his family, straight couple etc attend our first educational session and gave us some very positive feedback that they found the session interesting and keen to attend next Being Me session.

- M


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