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Midsumma Carnival (Jan)

The Midsumma carnival was held on Sunday, 14th of January at Alexandra Gardens, the first of a range of events held during mid-January and early February celebrating queer culture. There were an assortment of community and commercial stalls such as Headspace, Shuttlecats 
(, Levi’s, university queer departments and government departments. The Yellowkitties stall was sandwiched between AGMC and the Greek and Gay Support Network stalls. Many kitties arrived on the day to volunteer to set up the Yellowkitties stall and to promote the group. By the end of the day, we had a few people sign up to our social group and bought our amazing recipe books.

Thousands of people flowed into the carnival throughout the day seeking a picnic spot and a grand queer experience. A few of the kitties arrived to the carnival early in the morning to find the best parking spot and picnic area. Many kitties came over to our picnic area throughout the day to hang out and chat, or t…

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