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Rock Climbing Fun (Oct)

At 3pm on Saturday 20th October 2018, five of us gathered at Hardrock Climbing in the city for an afternoon of scaling walls. After hiring gear and going through the safety training, we started on the smaller wall before working up to longer and taller walls. The ropes were marked with difficulty ratings from single to double digits, and multicoloured rocks signaled different path options.
P shared with us various climbing tips. Number one tip is legs first! Then arms. Also it's better to keep your arms straight and your upper body away from the wall, so your body weight hangs from your shoulder muscles, rather than clinging close to the wall with bent arms. Other techniques were turning the body to the side or crossing an arm over the body to reach a faraway rock, looking down to find the next foothold, balance your weight, and swinging to get momentum to reach the next rock. 
When we started, it was very busy at the climbing centre, with most walls occupied with kids, families, an…

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