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Burgers ad Board Games (Dec)

What better way to spend pre-Christmas celebrations than to have burgers and board games with your YK family! *insert jingle bells theme song*
Sunday was a lovely afternoon when 10 YK members went to Embers Grill in Heathmont to have a chat and lunch over burgers, fries, salads, and skewers.

This was followed by making our way to M's humble home where we had great laughs and settled into some interesting conversations. Over a game of Cards Against Humanity, we realised the funniest YK member was also the one who played the game for the first time - none over than CP! This was also followed by an attempted game at Pictionary while a few of us scratched our heads at the confusing rules. Finally a few of us started smashing the mahjong set, screaming out various Mandarin phases: "Pung!"

YW, LE and myself also started screaming our heads off trying to chop vegetables and cook meat on the game Overcooked on Nintendo Switch. We also greeted new and old YK members who came late…

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