Recreational Cycling + Food (May)

On a bright, slightly chilly but largely pleasant Sunday morning, we gathered at Velo Cycles in East Brunswick to ride to Coburg Lake. A, YW and I were the first to arrive. YW and I promptly regretted the amount of layers we were wearing, realising that even after a short-ish ride, they were a tad overkill for the active nature of the day. Hooray for backpacks!

Our plans changed somewhat as the morning progressed. Velo Cycles ran out of loaner bikes which meant LS and LE were in need of an alternative! I rode to Melbourne Museum to rendezvous with LS and LE at the blue share bike station, but unfortunately the share bikes turned out to be an unfavourable option. I then zoomed back to Velo while LS and LE decided to stick around the city eating yummy snacks and playing Daytona until we were ready for lunch.

Back at Velo, a change of plan was being discussed as IT, P and M had just arrived from Reservoir Station (quite the effort! Especially for P who was riding a bike stuck in one gear). Shall we still ride to Coburg? How about lunch in Carlton, after all, noon was approaching pretty quickly? Then Ceres was mentioned, being quite close and still on the Merri Creek Trail - and little travel effort required given some of us had already cycled quite a distance already! We decided to head there for lunch, at a leisurely pace.

At Ceres we had a walk and explore of the community garden, the earthen goods shop and the vegan cafe. M bought some delicious organic chocolate and shared it with everyone (very yummy, thanks again M!). We snagged a table at the omnivorous cafe further up the hill and began to order lunch.

LS, LE and E joined us soon after and we had a great catch up over the noticeably long wait for food to arrive. The food was passable, not great, but not bad. The company however was awesome and that’s what matters most! 🙂 A took some very impressive photos of the food which made it look extra fancy - Uber Eats style!

After lunch we headed back to the bikes. By this time, some of us were starting to get a bit tired and in dire need of a nanna nap so IT, M, P and I bid farewell to A, YW, LS, LE and E and rode into the distance... Since I left at that point I’m not sure what everyone else got up to after that 😉

It was a great day to be outdoors and leisurely cycling in my ‘hood with you all! Thanks heaps for organising YW, looking forward to doing it again 

- N

- N


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