MQFF and Comedy Performance Galore (Mar/Apr)

16 Mar – The Feels
29 Mar – Deanne Smith
18 Apr – Kitty Flanagan

Many kitties took the opportunity to devour performances and movies from the MQFF and the Melbourne Comedy Festival in March and April this year.

First up, 13 of us watched a lesbian film called The Feels. It started off with a lesbian bachelorette weekend that went awry. The average rating given by the kitties was 3 out of 5 stars. Many admitted that they wanted to watch the movie mainly because of one of the artists – Constance Wu! Ok, I admit, she’s quite pretty! The show was a typical, predictable love story. Some bits showed raw emotions which tend not to be portrayed in movies, maybe cos they were too “real”. We then headed to Ikkoryu Fukuoka for some ramen and Brunetti for dessert. Never choose “three chilli” rating for the ramen, it was so spicy that the soup was kinda inedible – no kidding - from someone who’s a hardcore chilli eater!

Next, we had some super carb loaded and filling dinner at Stalactites restaurant prior to watching Deanne Smith’s performance. Deanne Smith was as expected, quite funny and was very open about the fact that she’s gay. What surprised me though was how open she was with her mental health. She made a little joke out of her depression though it was probably not a joking matter when she experienced it. I found that very courageous. Her jokes were original and she was sporting enough to take a photo with the group after the show! Not wanting to end the night so quickly, we headed to a nearby rooftop bar for a drink and some deep chats, a great way to end Thursday!

Watch this Deanne Smith Youtube video - she's awesome!  

Finally, we’ve the very expensive Kitty Flanagan. I personally have never heard her jokes before but because she’s a lot more expensive than other performers, I was expecting a good show. A number of us had some very nice Chinese Asian meal/dumplings at Shangdong Mama beforehand. The food was amazing and it was a nice segue to getting us all relaxed after a busy day at work. Kitty Flanagan was out to entertain and she definitely didn’t disappoint with her many consistently funny jokes one after another throughout the one-hour performance. She sang in the last 3 minutes with a creative song that tied back to all her jokes throughout the night and that was clever! It was thoroughly enjoyable and hilarious – highly recommended!


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