ChillOut Festival Reflections (Mar)

Quite a number of YKers attended this year's ChillOut Festival. Different groups showed up at different times and most of us gathered together at the ChillOut Carnival. It was a lot of good fun and rather than having one person reflect and do a write up, I'll let some of the YKers tell you their reflections for the weekend.

"Second time to Daylesford and first Chillout, it was one of the gayest weekends of my life. I enjoyed staying in our “Linga Longa” cosy but spacious Edwardian cottage, checking out the knickknacks at the local shops, having big house parties with delicious BBQ and pizza dinners, watching the community Pride parade, relaxing on the picnic rugs in perfect weather at the Carnival, live performance by LadyHood band, rainbows everywhere, enjoying the country atmosphere with everyone so happy & gay, quiet drinks at the local cafe, walking around Daylesford lake, and getting to know everyone better. Thank you to I, N, M for organising the trip, Y and D for arranging dinners, Y, A and T for giving me a lift. And thank you to everyone else for making it a great weekend away"

"It’s the gayest weekend I’ve had and thanks everyone I had lots of fun. The rainbows we saw on the streets, the live music of Ladyhood, the delicious BBQ, the scramble eggs and tomatoes I made and the chats at midnight will be the unforgettable moments. Especially thanks M and I for organizing"

"Chill-out was the perfect chillout weekend. It's also a lucky reminder of how it's a great time to be LGBT, as we revelled in Daylesford's close-knit Pride festivities, rock music playing, smiles and dogs all around. We bopped to the classic 80s, held massive cookouts, shared our stories aloud, danced our hearts out - fond memories that will surely live on! Thanks guys for being such awesome company, and huge huge appreciation to I and M for constantly being on their toes looking out for us!"

"I had a fantastic time in Daylesford with the YK ladies! Great food, great entertainment, great weather, great conversation and most of all great company! Thanks to I and M for organising and our master chefs Y and D - and loyal minions - for filling our tummies with delicious food. It was lovely to explore Daylesford together and soak in the good Chillout vibes. I thoroughly enjoy attending YK events and our long weekend away was awesome fun!"

"It was my first time to Daylesford and Chillout - what an absolute blast! I was lucky to spend it in the company of such fine ladies. We hiked, ate, drank, pride march spectated, vintage shopped, BBQ'd, ate some more, danced, spun the bottle, laughed, told secrets, withheld secrets ('the answer is not available'), drank some more, chilled out, festival crashed, ruled the kitchen, and guessed it - ate some more! Daylesford, you were amazing - let's do it again!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the ChillOut Festival Parade! Great community feel and of course, as the name suggests, it was chill and relaxing. Star gazing at night was amazing despite the cold. Not forgetting communal cooking and late night chats, just like a mini YK family!"

"If I must pick the top three favourite events was:
1. ChillOut Festival Pride Parade because it’s my first time ever!
2. Cornish Hill Flora/Fauna walk - who doesn’t enjoy nature on a gorgeous Saturday morning
3. BBQ + DIY pizza night prepared by awesome chefs+ honest girl chat over hot tea on Sunday night; I felt like I know you all a little more  !"

"I loved petting all the doggies and living in a world of rainbow 🌈 for a weekend. Fun group to hang with. No study done 😳 but worth it”


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