Lunch and Bubble Soccer (May)

Our May event (27 May) turned out to be a full day of outing. We started off with brunch at Dumplings King at Box Hill. Having 17 people means two tables and a very noisy chatty group. Thanks to A's recommendation, we had lots of yum cha styled food and some of us wondered how we were going to cope with Bubble Soccer!

Bubble Soccer was held at Box Hill Indoor Sports Centre. As the name suggests, we had heaps of action. There was no time to lose – the umpire decided for the group who should be in which team. Strangely enough, all the Andros were grouped into one team (red team) until we had YW oining us. We had the bulldozers, the runaways, the strategists and the “sit and block” goalies. At the end of the day, it was impossible to score against the blue team as they ended up having two goalies blocking the goalpost at all times and they won the competition! But we all had heaps of fun, lots of sweat and exercise and thankfully no vomit from lunch!

We then decided to head to Monga to try some Hong Kong styled dessert. It was much deserved after some serious strenuous activity. Once we had our quota of sugar intake, we went over to M's for a night of chats, sing-along and Dance wii games. Too much laughter from seeing us try our best to be as coordinated as possible. N concluded that gay women are worse than straight women when it comes to dancing and gay men are the opposite - they are better than straight men!

The group then wrapped up the night with Indian dinner, which turned out to be too spicy for some. Exhausted but contented – that is how I would describe Saturday’s outing.

Thank you all who have participated in making this event a success. Special thanks to A for co-planning the event with me. It is always great to see newbies taking a lead in organising events.

Rock climbing is the next event for June. Contact P if you are keen to sign up for it!


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