Hampton Beach Outing Recap - March

We can’t ask for a better day for our beach outing – the weather was great apart from some passing showers. 14 of us came well prepared with lots of food, games, and most importantly fun mindsets to Hampton Beach!

It started with BBQ brunch, followed by a sing-along session led by our solo guitarist, Amelia. A number of us ventured into the sea for some water frisbee (similar to water polo). We then proceeded to lots of chats, lite footy game (less tackle), kayaking and board games relating to corporate branding. It didn’t make sense that we didn’t gorge ourselves with sweets, so yes, we had our fair share of Nutella and custard donuts too. We concluded the evening with an even bigger BBQ dinner!

Special thanks for Li Si for organising this outing. Everyone left with such big smiles on their faces


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