Flashbacks from Saturday's games/dinner session at Judy and Shermain's by Peggy

  • There were asian snack foods as far as the eye can see, so much so that Judy and Shermain's dining room table was covered!
  • Howie (the dog) impressed everyone with his "Play Dead" trick. He was a bit distracted so his "Dead" wasn't really "Dead" more like a lie down and quickly get up again just in case there was a treat on offer.
  • A sausage sizzle with the sausages from Venus Bay trip! Thank you all for freeing space in my freezer! I have been waiting months to reclaim that freezer space! Now I just need to work on the skewers that we didn't eat from Venus Bay.
  • Pizza took forever to arrive. There were so many people that Judy ended up ordering Pizza from two different place. So thank goodness for the sausages to keep everyone from being too Hangry (is that how you spell it?)
  • Irene's homemade ice-cream was nostalgic! Made with Carnation Milk and Sweeten Condense Milk, quite a few of us had flash back to our childhood.
  • The games! What can I say. The first game was fun, there were a few special American words that we didn't really need to learn and as Leonore remarked "I can't unlearn!". If you are curious, look up Tubesteak (warning - don't look it up at work). The second game was hilarious; I laugh so hard that my face hurt. It was Chinese Whispers with drawing. That's when Shermain turned "Blind Date" into "Gay Ninja" (poor Tanya had to try and draw Gay Ninja!).
  • There was some vigorous debate as to which movie we wanted to watch. It was a toss up between one that apparently made people cry or ass kicking chick with guns! We opted for the latter. However, I am not sure if the movie actually got shown as when I left, the movie night has turned into a bit of a karaoke, j pop and k pop thing. That was when we were shown the PIRATE SONG (go check it out, it is very cool)!


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