Labour Day Hike (Mar)

Best way to spend Labour Day break in this nice sunny weather is hiking in Cape Schanck.

We started our morning hike from the Cape Schanck Lighthouse and proceeded along the scenic Bushrangers Bay route for about 45 minutes to reach a breathtaking beach where we rested, had some snacks and dipped our feet in the cool water.

Once everyone was well rested we headed back to the lighthouse to see the bay from a different angle and took more photos and agreed to call it a completion of our hike (we walked just under 6kms). By then we were all very thirsty and hungry so headed to The Pig & Whistle for some comfort pub food and drinks (aka beer). Restaurant was very busy but luckily they offered us the lawn & picnic rugs so we could enjoy our meals in a picnic setting and get our Vitamin D intake at the same time. 

After we satisfied our hunger L organised for all of us to play Werewolf and started off the game as moderator. It was super funny and very interesting to see all of us try to guess who the werewolves were. We played several rounds until around 5:30pm and agreed to call it a day.

Today's hike was very enjoyable and surely put a smile on everyone's face😀😃😄. A huge thanks to IT for organising such an adventurous, relaxing, fun-filled day.


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