my melbourne international arts festival day..

hello... YK.. i am now online.. 21st october!!

i'm finally connected to the internet at home!
no more running around like a headless chicken from computer lab to computer lab up one set of escalators, two sets of escalators and running to the train station to catch the last train home.. bloody hell ***!!

i saw two amazing things today at the Melbourne international arts festival.

i saw Of All the Ppl in All the World: Pacific Rim at ARts House, Meat Market

what can you do with rice? well for all those into rice, who love eating rice and identify with rice, this is what you can do! make installation and art work. great artwork too

basically when you walk in you see lots of rice

you see by proportion the population of China - which is the biggest mound in the whole building..

you also see that the mound of millionaires in the world equals the mounds of refugees in the world which also equals to the number of prisoners in the world

there are also a lot of ppl eating Australian grown rice!!! lots and lots!!

and those world wide watching Neighbours... pheew-ee!! i shouldn't discount my Neighbours career move

AND the number of McDonald's customers in the world equals the population size of England.. and that's a pretty big mound.. !

then i headed to North Melbourne Town Hall to catch William Yang.
William Yang's work i love, love, love. i first bought his book 'Sadness', when i was at monash uni... and finishing off my hons thesis. he is an Australian born Chinese.. and has suffered as a consequence - through the White Man's policy. sadness is about yang's family, his queer-ness, his friends, HIV/AIDs, and his mother in particular. this show, Objects for Mediation, is a meditative piece, that also pays homage, and an ode to his mother.

he weaves his stories around his travels and his shows, his meetings with Indigenous ppl in Canada, New Zealand, and .. in Australia..

his relationships, his boyfriends, his apartment, the tree his planting, nature, TAoism, the influence of Taoism in his life.. and how he is "lazy" for not meditating everyday..

he is exquisitely funny, and classily so..

and all he did was talk with slides of photos and videos projected on two screens, with about 10 objects that were very precious to him..

it was a bit like a show & tell, but William yang style. with photos & his sense of humour.

when i saw his stupa, i had to laugh. it was a gift to many people who were around the Dalai Lama - helping out, or working with him.. on something or rather. I've got one exactly like his, but mine's not painted.

best thing about him is his eye for nature and eye for beauty.

random beauty. its inspired me to pick up my video camera and go around doing random beauty shots!!



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