Light Painting Adventure (Aug)

Ever crossed your mind to enjoy a Saturday winter night under the starry milky ways? Look no further if you need some romantic suggestion, cause that's what us 16 kitties did on last Saturday 04.08.2018!

We started the evening with some Asians delights at Asiana Restaurant in Lynbrook. Chats and laughters between old and new kitties during the dinner were a joy. Just before the dinner ended, our capable organiser - AV distributed the YELLOWKITTIES letters along the table and briefed us the procedure for photoshoot. We were full of with excitement!

When we finally arrived at the Tooradin Beach, it was pitch black. Across the horizon, one could spot the Melbourne city red bright light from afar. That night was relatively windy, but not overcast. The sky was surprisingly clear and we were greeted by millions of stars. Milky way was right in front of our naked eyes. The night was truly beautiful. Thanks to AV's pre-departure advices, kitties were all well-prepared with warm clothings and there we went with our 1st attempt of photoshoot - writing YELLOWKITTIES!

Kitties with letters were instructed to line up and practised the alphabets in reverse order. Easy? Not quite! The "S" was terrible. AV being the perfectionist photographer had to personally trained K to write the "S" backwards. After a few failed attempts with real sparkles and thanks to everyone's patience especially under the brutal chill, the 'S' was eventually replaced by N, who was a better a"S"s handler. Finally, our 3 talented photographers AV, T and A captured the beautiful YELLOWKITTIES shot with perfect writing and lighting litted up in the dark. Credit to the best crews - I and M, who relentlessly ran around to help refill with new sparkles. Awesome team work!

Then we moved on to a more challenging and dangerous shot with Steelwool. A lucky kitty was being tasked to swing the litted whisk in the air with absolute stillness for 30 seconds, where the rest of the kitties held a position in order for the sparkles to scatter like a nuclear umbrella. The effect was stunning!

With extra sparklers, the love birds decided to dedicate their far away love ones with messages that bright up and warm their hearts. "Distance gives us a reason to love harder".

We then went wild with imaginary scribbles and pattern drawings to close the night. Such an unforgettable experience. Stay tune for more similar events. Meanwhile, enjoy the result of this beautiful winter night...

- K


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