Chinese New Year / 50 Shades of Red / N's Annual Dinner Swap Meet (Feb)

新年快乐,恭喜发财 (红包拿来!)

It seemed like all had a great old time at The Yellow Kitties Chinese New Year on Saturday night! 

Firstly, we must thank P&L for their incredible organization and hospitality - they planned for 50 people to come to their house!! I’m sure they were both relieved when a few last minute cancellations happened but the set up was pretty amazing - showing what experienced party hostesses they are!

Our creative and talented kitties brought lots of delicious foods - and some took home more than they brought (including yours truly... and let that be a lesson to you all - when people say bring a plate, also bring your Tupperware containers!).

I personally loved the marinated chicken, sushi, noodles and gorgeous salads.... not to mention the desserts - beautiful fruits, fortune cookies, gelatinous goodies and those delicious cup-cakes that Y so skillfully “sold” “for just three dollar!!”

I also loved the company - everyone seemed so relaxed eating and chatting underneath lanterns on a hot summer day. YW, D and myself endowed ourselves with random ice tea tastings (who knew Lipton had so many flavours!?) whilst discussing the pros and cons of a timely Pap smear.

Fun and educational for all!

P&L- thank you again for hosting yet another successful CNY celebration! You guys pulled it off seamlessly.

Next YK event is a day by the beach on Sat March 3rd and then the Chillout festival for the labour day weekend (March 11-13). Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Until then... enjoy these photos!



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